Longrow 1998 (55.7%, CA, 2010)

I wrote this mini-review during my last vacation, when I visited my family and hiked with my father in the Salbertrand forest, on the Italian Alps. After the short (but very nice) I enjoyed the pause and the view by trying a great Longrow 1998 – 2010, bottled by Cadenhead’s after maturing for 12 years in a rum cask (whaaaat??). I originally posted this review on my Instagram account, but I definitely cannot neglect the blog! Therefore here it is, a great whisky to match the great view, described by my not so great tasting notes.

Nose: The start is just so good! Rum, sugar, not too much smoke… but ash, like the one you smell after meteorite hits the ground. Dry peat (peat smoke, that is). With water it becomes fruitier, with an orange explosion. And full of pepper, too! I think I also smell something like coriander, but I might just be tripping.
Palate: Spicy and peppery, with some smoke that luckily doesn’t overthrow the rum-dependent regime. Mineral, dirty, oily like a great Springbank, with a lot of citrus fruits. Oranges, clementines: very zesty, very tasty. Yes, I did it on purpose, and no, I’m not sorry.
Finish: Long and spicy, with oranges and peat smoke backstabbing each other. Some ginger says hello too.

Overall: I simply loved it! A great showcase of how Longrow often works amazingly if matured in rum casks. I’ll give it a 89/100! Did you have any similar experiences with it, too?


One thought on “Longrow 1998 (55.7%, CA, 2010)

  1. I really enjoy a Longrow from a sherry cask – especially when the whisky’s really dirty, sooty and sulfurous. 😉 I never had a rum-matured Longrow so far. But it seems like I gotta change that.


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