Bunnahanhain 1976 (49.4%, CA, 2016)

Soooo some weeks ago something (wink wink) happened in my life. I am soon moving to Guatemala, following my (now) wife to a new adventure in a whole other continent. To celebrate this event, I decided to open one of the samples I had been looking for the most in my humble collection: a 39-year-old Bunnahabhain, bottled by Cadenhead’s and aged in 3 sherry butts. The liquid in this little guy is about 10 years older than me, and it’s the oldest Babadabubi I’ve had the pleasure to try. Mmmh, my tongue is already tingling, so let’s get to it!

Nose: I’m immediately overcome with a huge, huge bittersweet amarena cherry. The nose is big and fat, with almond and lemon peel. There is also some marzipan, with sugar, caramel and cream. Just by nosing it I feel like I’m guilty of the worst gluttony, and I have to check that I’m not drooling on the table. I give it some time, because it’s a slow one… and it rewards me with an even more butter-y side, with some vanilla mixed to a bitter, dark chocolate. The nose is so good, intense, powerful, and complex!

Taste: Oh, what happened here? I immediately taste some alcohol and even some bitter wood. There is a ton of sherry, dried cherries, salt, chocolate… Some herbal notes, too, that instead of enriching the complexity of the palate, feels to me somewhat misplaced. A bit like Brian Cranston in Godzilla. Aaaanyway, I feel like the palate is a bit thin, I think, if compared to the explosion of stuff I got in the nose. Still, very very tasty, just not as ludicrously delicious and complex as it promised on the nose. It needs a loooot of time to be fully enjoyed, and I fear I might have not given it justice. My bad, probably, but I hope you’ll forgive me, as I had other things in mind.

Finish: Here too, sadly, a bit thin and quick. Very clean, with vanilla, caramel, salt again. I feel somehow like the confused John Travolta in the famous meme.

Overall: Well, if not amazing and mesmerising I still find it very, very, very nice. I mean, it might be that my expectations were too high, but after the super nose the palate felt a tad too thin to me: still, a very solid 89/100. I’m so happy I had the chance to taste it. Now, if anybody has a sample of an even older Bunna let me know! I’d be happy to make the big sacrifice and relieve him/her from that burden. Bunnalove is forever!


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