Who am I

Hi! This is Fabio, and I started my trip in the whisky world fairly recently – in the summer of 2013. I’m not an expert by any means, nor I have a great nose or a particularly refined palate. I just simply like to talk and blabber about whisky. Some can say that this blog is my way to annoy an imaginary virtual audience instead of my friends in the real life.

In reality I’m a climate scientist from Italy, but I’ve been living in different places in Europe: after spending almost six years in Germany, I moved back to Ispra, on the Lake Maggiore in the North of Italy, and after that I moved to the Ville Lumière for a couple of years. I recently changed continent to start a new adventure and a new life in Guatemala, on the Atlitlán Lake. I started my trip in the whisky world, I was saying (as you have probably noticed, I’m a convoluted writer), with a trip to Scotland (the first of many), where I fell in love with the whisky lore visiting some distilleries.

I started to pay a bit more attention to what I had in my glass and to write down my impressions and my tasting notes. I’ve always enjoyed writing since I was a kid, and then I though: why not opening a blog? I mean, absolutely nobody has done it before, right? Jokes aside, I enjoyed writing down my first reviews, and so here I am, translating my reviews to English.

Typical activity of a climate scientist: preparing POLENTA.

I’ve always payed a lot of attention to reviews from other bloggers, and I generally found (and still do!) their work extremely interesting and useful, especially when I was looking for infos on a new bottle. As Agent Fox Mulder would say, “the whisky is out there“, and I want to believe.

I even try to “evaluate” and rate the whiskies I taste, but my notes have to be taken with the abused pinch of salt. I can give you an example: Anakin really doesn’t like peated whiskies, whereas Luke loves them and dreams about disappearing in exile on Islay after destroying the Galactic Empire and failing as a Jedi master. Therefore, when they have to rate, say, the Lagavulin 16, Anakin will give it a very low note, and Luke will probably fall in love with it. Jar-Jar, instead, doesn’t like whisky, but on the other hand nobody likes Jar-Jar. Long story short, what I wanted to say is that you don’t have to put too much thinking and/or faith into my rates, it’s just my non requested opinion on the quality of the whisky. So please don’t break my balls (citation courtesy of the famous philosopher E. Cartman) and focus too much on that.

How will the tow chefs rate Jar-Jar?

Oh, one last thing: I do not usually put ice in the whisky, despite the name of the blog. I normally add water to lower the alcoholic grade (and because the water changes the solubility of some aromatic compounds, as very well explained here), but with the ice I cannot control how much I dilute the whisky. Moreover, cooling the whisky it lowers the evaporation rate, making nosing the malt more difficult – to me at least. So why the title? Well… it’s just that I’m a HUUUUUGE fan of A Song of Ice and Fire, and I couldn’t resist pay homage to His work.